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Welcome to Overshare, hosted by Working Not Working co-founder Justin Gignac. In a world of carefully curated portfolio sites and Instagram feeds, Justin sits down with his favorite creatives to get past the highlights and discuss the tough stuff we don't talk about in public often enough.

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    Director Elena Parasco on Smashing Stereotypes Through the Female Gaze

    This Overshare is an in-studio conversation with film director and creative director Elena Parasco. Host Justin Gignac chat's with Elena about her burgeoning directing career and the motivation behind it. Instead of complaining about the lack of content that represented women in sport in a way that relates to her, she decided to make her own. The result is a growing body of work that examines sport and play through the female gaze. Disrupting those traditional, cliché stereotypes of sports imagery that we’re used to and making work that celebrates more accessible female role models.

    Elena is tenacious and resilient when trying to get her ideas out into the world, whether for herself or for clients like Nike, Air Jordan, A$AP Rocky, Calvin Klein, and Guess. She touches on how her non-traditional background studying cognitive science and psychology has informed her creative career and filmmaking. And is adamant about the necessity to have women in the room when creating content.

    In this episode, you will learn about embracing the doubt of others as motivation and how to find happiness in small wins. Especially, when going through challenging times in your career.

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    Tina Essmaker on Resiliency and Embracing the Great Contentment

    Host Justin Gignac sits down in the studio with Tina Essmaker for a deeply personal conversation. Tina opens up about loss, divorce, resiliency, and new beginnings as she moves on from her role as Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent. She embarks on this next chapter of her career as a coach, speaker, and writer with courage and enthusiasm.

    In this episode, you will learn how to pick yourself back up in difficult times and create a life from the inside out based on what’s important to you instead of reacting to outside pressures and expectations.

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    Dark Igloo is from the '90s and Here to Play

    Dave Franzese and Mark Richard Miller are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their creative studio Dark Igloo. Host Justin Gignac invites the duo into the studio to reflect on the past decade of creating work that's drenched in humor and nostalgia. They discuss their mission to do 50% of projects for themselves and 50% for clients like Bonnaroo, Nike, Dig Inn, and most notably, GIPHY.

    In this episode, you will learn that every project, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is an opportunity to build a relationship that could change your career in the future. And that passion, enthusiasm, and play are self-perpetuating and worth prioritizing.

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    Jon Burgerman is Not a Doodler

    This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at Camp David in Brooklyn, NY. Host Justin Gignac sits down with the incomparable Jon Burgerman. He’s an artist and author whose ability to play is contagious and inspiring. If you haven’t seen Jon’s work check out the links below. His Instagram brings so much joy on a daily basis. Whether it’s bringing every imaginable inanimate object to life with googly eyes in his Instagram stories or the characters he creates, everything will make you smile.

    Jon lives by the motto “It’s Great to Create” and his work is a reminder of the joy of creating. All of us had those skills to make and play as kids and some of us were fortunate to not lose it.

    In this episode, you will learn that the key to creative freedom is really to just stop caring what other people think and you’ll learn how to reframe your thinking when jealousy of other peoples’ work or success inevitably creeps up.

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    Joan founders Lisa Clunie + Jaime Robinson on Taking No Shit and Having Fun Doing It

    This episode of Overshare is with Jaime Robinson and Lisa Clunie, founders of creative agency Joan—a company inspired by the trailblazing, take no shit Joans throughout history. It’s a fitting moniker for these two. Having spent their careers at companies like Fallon, BBH, Pereira & O'Dell, Wieden+Kennedy, and Refinery29 they set out to create a different kind of creative agency.

    Host Justin Gignac dives into the incredible partnership, deep friendship, and obvious overflowing love Lisa and Jaime have for each other and for the work they do. There's a lot packed into this episode. There are songs sung, honest insights on the challenges of starting a business, and a few references to Howard Hughes bottling his pee.

    In this episode, you will learn that happiness and ambition can actually co-exist, and how meeting a stranger that shares your passions can unlock whole new chapters in your career.

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    Adam J. Kurtz on Helping You Feel Your Feelings

    Today’s episode is with Adam J. Kurtz. Also known on the internet as Adam JK. Host Justin Gignac sits down in the studio for a chat with the artist, author, designer, speaker, and personal growth encourager. He’s authored 3 books and journals that make life as a creative, and as a human, a bit easier to navigate. You can find links in the show notes to 1 Page at a Time, Pick Me Up, and his latest book, Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives.

    In this episode, you will learn things really are what you make of them. That most times a small shift in how you think about things can make all the difference.

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    Robyn Kanner is Gonna Be Ok

    Justin Gignac chats in the studio with writer, designer, and co-founder of MyTransHealth, Robyn Kanner. She's written for places like The Atlantic, MEL, and them, and worked as a product designer at Amazon and Etsy.

    In this episode, you will learn that it’s ok to be messy. Not in the organization sense, but messy in the decisions and mistakes you make. None of us are unique or special in our struggles. Once you embrace who you are and feel comfortable with your voice it will transform your work.

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    Chobani's Kwame Taylor-Hayford on the Untapped Potential of Living a Safe Life

    In this episode, host Justin Gignac sits down in the studio with Kwame Taylor-Hayford, who is the Managing Director of Brand Development at Chobani, as well as co-founder of social activism organization Saturday Morning and co-owner of August Market, a lifestyle store in Western NY state he and his wife started.

    Kwame has held many roles in advertising over the years. From his early days of being an account executive at TBWA Media Arts Lab working on the Mac vs. PC campaign to being an integrated producer at various ad agencies around the country, to his role at Chobani now.

    In this episode, you will learn the value of being curious, pushing yourself every day, and how appreciating different cultures and people can positively affect your creative perspective.

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    SNL Editor Adam Epstein on Optimistic Nihilism and the Power of Great Teams

    Editor Adam Epstein has had a hand in some of your favorite Saturday Night Live films. In the past 9 years, he has edited over 100 SNL digital shorts including Levi’s Woke, Star Wars Undercover Boss, The Day Beyonce Turned Black, and Farewell Mr. Bunting. Host Justin Gignac sat down with Adam in the studio to gain more insight into the chaos and insane team effort it takes to pull off the films they do in only 2 or 3 days. He also discusses his love of sports and great teams and the close parallels to the collaborative process of filmmaking.

    In this episode, you will learn about the importance of working with great collaborators you can trust and how sometimes inconsequential decisions, like joining a kickball team, can give you the biggest break of your career.

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    Illustrator Laura Callaghan on Inclusivity and Being a Creative Late Bloomer

    This is a recording from our live event in London at The Trampery with Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan. She opens up about her humble beginnings of doing illustration on nights and weekends while working in the accounts department at a biscuit factory and her first failed attempt at being a full-time freelancer. Laura taps into the recent fad of brands co-opting feminism for capitalism and how so much work about women by women is one-dimensionally pegged as "Badass boss bitches boss ladies".

    In this episode, you will learn how to persevere through the uncertainty of when to start your freelance career. That it’s ok to go back to a full-time job you might not love and hone your craft before going freelance again. You’ll also learn not to measure your talent and success on your number of followers.

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